The paper "AudioSense: Enabling Real-time Evaluation of Hearing Aid Technology In-Situ" by Hasan et al., submitted to the special track, won the best student paper award. Congratulations!

The current technological developments and the increasing willingness of people to be involved in making decisions about their health or disease, have been paving the way for advances in the area of individualised healthcare.

The uncertainty and complexity within this area require smart solutions and systems, which are capable to interpret context-specific information concerning the patient and his/her environment.

In this special track, we seek high quality contributions and innovations in the interdisciplinary area of smart healthcare technologies. The track is an integral part of the 26th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS 2013), held at the Univeristy of Porto, Portugal on 20-22 June 2013.

For more information about this track, please contact one of the organisers.

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Inês Dutra
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